Experienced maritime experts at IGGS Group are focusing on the needs and goals of the industry.

After years of research, references and communication with fleet performance, technical, procurement and strategy people from maritime industry companies we have gathered knowledge and understanding of how to arrange most effective meetings.

Ignas Bend

Head of Maritime Operations

Glen G. Juodagalvis

Head of Production

Lina Pervaz

Head of Strategic Partnerships

Samanta Fawcett

Senior Speaker Liaison Officer

Simon Dagilis

Head of Business Development

Ieva Bendoraviciute

Senior Business Development Manager

Tomas Jens

Business Development Manager

Laura Klaske

Key Account Manager

Anil Yesilyurt

Key Account Manager

Silvia Stanke

Production Manager

Kamile Sinkeviciute

Production Manager

Skirmante Balciute

Operations Manager

Greta Vilcikauskaite

Operations Manager

Rimante Val

Operations Manager

Ramune Margo

Operations Manager

Aiste Naruseviciute

Operations Manager

Simon Milsinas

Web and Design Development Manager

Artur Maksimovic

IT and Innovation Manager